Friday, September 16, 2016

What I Want in Kindergarten

When my KinderKids came for their initial school intake, I asked each one, “What do you want Kindergarten to be like?” or “What do you want to learn in Kindergarten?” or “What are your hopes for Kindergarten?”

Here are some thoughts that the KinderKids shared with me:

I want to learn reading and people’s names.

I hope we play outside and in, my favourite place to play is at the kitchen [centre].

I already know about Mt. Everest and Transformers. I’d like to know about lightning.

I like playing at trains and in the workshop. I hope everyone is friendly.

I want Kindergarten to be just like this!

I just want to play with other kids.

I really need to learn about animals because I’m going to be a vet.

I’m a smart girl, here.

I want to learn my ABC’s.

I want to paint and do work.

And so here I sit, creating my year plans making certain that we paint and play, learn about animals, lightning and letters, plan name games and reading activities and remember to act friendly as I work with these amazing 5-year-olds.

~ Ellyn