Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On Being Present…

It was 1966 when I began school - grade one. I sat at my desk, feet flat on the floor with my hands clasped atop my desk, anticipating school to be the most wonderful place in the whole world. School started the same way every morning. Along with the other children, the teacher would call out my name to which I was to reply, “Present”.

Many years later, as a teacher, I insisted that this practise be tossed by the wayside, thinking that it was archaic not to mention redundant - I knew who was there.

Now… I know its value.

Being present is what we are called to be. When we are truly present with the young people we spend our days with, we connect on deeper levels with respect for the beings before us and among us. We learn how they learn and they provide us with how we need to teach them.

I invite you to engage along with me on the how of being present – how is it that you ensure that you are present with your students?