Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Inspired by...

After twenty-one years of being with youngsters almost every day, I took a hiatus and have been away from the classroom for two years while I embarked on a journey towards a Masters in Educational Leadership. This journey has taken me down some new personal and professional roads that I wasn’t expecting, but that I relish being able to wander along – sometimes with others… but often, by myself.

The other day, I spent a morning with some wee children - an activity that has been familiar to me for most of my life… and it was with those wee ones that I became inspired - again. On that particular day, I heard my calling, only this time it wasn’t a whisper but a shout and so it is with verve that I work with passion towards a new vision for the future of education, one that takes a positive leap forward, one that is filled with anticipation for a brighter present where we see the gift before us each and every day. The American No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation has negative implications, as does Failure is Not An Option - but… if we look at these two schemes and occupy ourselves in an initiative with the intent to view Education as a “hopeful activity” (Stang, 2008), we transform these ideas that have great potential.

With this, I encourage all Albertans to engage in an action, other than patience and attend at least one of the Inspiring Education gatherings that are roving their way through the province. More information can be found at -



Stang, E. (2009). Message from the superintendent. Retrieved August 10, 2008, from http://www.eips.ca/content.php?page=37