Thursday, April 14, 2016

Teaching is a Cooperative Endeavour

I hold this statement to be very true, right down to my core and I am so grateful that I stumbled in to this noble profession.

I have been teaching 5 & 6 year olds in Kindergarten, since January 6th. I had no idea that at 54 years of age, I would be back teaching these amazing beings. I think that in my 30’s I was a good Kindergarten teacher but in my 50’s, I’m even better. I know what is not important, and have been gifted the opportunity to belong to this little group of people.

Their teacher needed to step into another position for a time and she has trusted me with her class. She has actually encouraged me to make it my own, for the time being. She misses these little people and occasionally shares with me something that she has loved to do with them, with the hope, that I too might love it.  These propositions are never mandated, only suggested. Last week, I started her Box Centre activity. She told me how she was nervous to start the centre, but once she began, immediately noted its value.

Teaching is a cooperative endeavour.

I too was nervous to let the Kindies just go wild with all sorts of small boxes, tape, string, rubber bands, scissors, glue, pens - and just create. There was absolutely no order and the classroom looked like a tornado had hit it, but the creativity that weaved its way through the kiddies allowing them to just create, made my heart soar and my tummy fill up with bubbles. You see, for the most part, “grown-ups tend to create things and then hand them down to children”. (Buffy St. Marie)

The Box Centre, is all kid! And I love it! Thank you Wendy, for sharing this entire experience with me.

Teaching is a cooperative endeavour.

~ Ellyn
Evan and his box creation. He could tell me great details about what this machine was and how it worked.